Real Estate/Leasing

Commercial Real Estate

Purchase, Sale and Refinance of Investment Properties (ie. Plazas, Commercial Units), Properties with Businesses (ie. Gas Stations, Golf Clubs, Hotels), Development Properties (ie. Vacant Land) and Projects (ie. Building Townhouses, Condominiums)

Drafting, Reviewing and Amending Agreements of Purchase and Sale

Drafting, Reviewing and Amending Assignment Agreements

Conducting Due Diligence such as Searches of Title, Executions, Work Orders, etc.

Assessing Viability of Projects

Reviewing and Amending Other Agreements Such As Leases and Licences

Negotiating Complex Agreements and Resolving Disputes

Commercial Leasing for Landlords

Drafting, Reviewing and/or Amending Offers to Lease

Drafting Customized Full Leases

Assisting with Requests from Tenants

Drafting Consents for Assignments and Subleases

Drafting Extension Agreements

Negotiating Lease Agreements and Extensions

Providing Strategies and Strategic Advice for Property Management and Development

Commercial Leasing for Tenants:

Reviewing and Amending Offers to Lease

Reviewing and Amending Full Leases

Drafting Requests for Consents, Assignments, Subleases, Renovations, etc.

Drafting Notices to Exercise Extension and Other Rights

Reviewing Tenant Estoppel Certificates

Negotiating Lease Agreements, Assignments, Extensions, etc.

Providing Strategies and Advice for Expansion and Location Changes

Providing Risk Assessment for Lease Agreements

Land Development and Construction

Providing Strategic Advice for Rezoning Applications

Reviewing and Amending Consultant Contracts

Corresponding and Reviewing Reports of Other Consultants

Corresponding with Government Authorities and Reviewing Municipal Agreements

Negotiating with Government Authorites and Other Interested Parties

Registering Approved Plans and Severances

Reviewing and Amending Construction Contracts