Start-Up and Organization

Incorporation and Start-Up

Incorporating a New Company

Registering a Business Name

Creating a New Partnership, Joint Venture, etc.

Drafting, Reviewing and Amending Partnership and Joint Venture Agreements

Registering a Trade-Mark


Preparing and Updating a Minute Book

Amending Articles of Incorporation

Issuing New Shares and Buying Back Issued Shares

Internal Transfer of Shares Between Shareholders

Assisting with Shareholders and Directors Meetings

Updating Directors and Officers of the Corporation

Drafting and Passing Corporate Resolutions

Shareholder Agreements

Considering Issues for Both Founding Shareholders, Majority Shareholders, Silent Investors and Minority Shareholders

Strategizing Extent of Shareholder Rights for Future Investors

Creating Ways to Better Manage a Corporation

Finding Methods to Avoid or Resolve Potential Disputes

Drafting, Reviewing and Amending Shareholders Agreements